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    As Jesus Prayed August 16, 2017

    Jesus is our great model in intercession. He regularly retreated to a quiet place to pray. He sought God for strength to meet the challenges of the day. He pleaded with His Father for strength to overcome Satan's temptations. If Jesus, the Divine Son of God, understood that prayer is a necessity, don't we need prayer much more in our own lives? Jesus recognized that inner spiritual strength comes through prayer. Luke's Gospel records, "He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed" (Luke 5:16).

         Prayer was not something Jesus did occasionally when a need or problem arose. Prayer was a vital part of His life. Daily the Savior renewed His relationship with His Father through prayer. Jesus' prayer life gave Him courage and strength to face temptation. If Jesus needed time in His Father's presence to overcome the fierce temptations of Satan, we certainly need time in God's presence much more. Jesus was filled with power because He took time to pray.

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